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Absolutely yes! All appliances sold by The Fridge and Freezer Company are new and unused and none have been repaired. The only exception is that they may possibly have missing trim replaced or a new door fitted. We never make mechanical or electrical repairs, and anything that does require repair is sent for scrap and recycling.

Every appliance comes with manufacturers 2 year parts and labour warrany, so you've got peace of mind.

Although we technically sell graded appliances, we do not advertise a grade. The reason is so we do not confuse you and complicate your purchase. Instead we attempt to accurately describe the condition of any item so that you get the best idea of what you'll be buying. Where possible, we'll provide photos too. A graded appliance is brand new, but cannot be sold as a new appliance at full price by the manufacturer. We purchase these graded appliances in bulk from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you. The grading structure is generally applied when we purchase our stock, to help us ascertain it's condition and therefore how much it should cost. A grade is applied, which effectively describes it's condition on a scale from A1 to A5. A1 may possibly be as new but missing packaging, and A5 may have minor cosmetic damage to doors and sides for instance. Some retailers sell graded stock and simply provide a grade, but we feel this often does not accurately represent the condition of the appliance. We'd rather just explain exactly what you'd be buying, so you can make an informed choice. We only sell appliances with minor cosmetic damage which does not negatively affect it's performance in any way.


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